Class Passes

Single Purchases

Single Class Pass - $19

10 class pass - $150


Automatic Monthly Payments

The one time a week yogi - $59

Enjoy 4 classes per month.

Unlimited yoga - $89

This is a great option for the student whose practice is at the studio on averages of 7 classes or more per month.

Individualized and custom yoga

Yoga for YOU and YOUR needs.

The mission of The Hutto Yoga Room is to create a place where anybody wanting a yoga practice can have one. Sometimes a public group class is not the right fit for individual needs. We offer one on one yoga sessions for individual guidance through a yoga practice, build your own classes for party’s- ladies nights, Bro-ga nights, aerial yoga, workshops, intro to yoga, self-care and more.

Yoga is also sought for its individual and therapeutic benefits. These benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, injury prevention or healing, active recovery for athletes, chronic pain management, insomnia, PTSD, prenatal / family yoga, emotional balance and well-being, and more!

Individualized Instruction starts at $85 per session.