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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." -- The Bhagavad Gita

The Hutto Yoga Room teacher training is a diversified approach to empowering personal growth alongside an immersion of yoga fundamentals with diversified perspectives and expert instruction.  Laying a foundation of yoga excellence. Graduate with confidence, vast knowledge and the ability to instruct yoga to others.
This training cultivates empowerment in two ways:

  • Personal growth, acceptance and self-awareness.

  • Uncover and honor your unique and authentic teacher voice.


What is the time requirement for this training program?
Immersion weekends: There are 9 weekends where we met as a group for immersion and study of specific information. Our immersion weekends consist of Friday Night and all day Saturday. There are only 2 Sundays during the training.
Assignments: At the end of each weekend, you will be given specific assignments to complete before the next time we meet. These assignments will range from suggested reading, personal practice hours, written assignments that include a review of the weekend before and prep for the next week. All written assignments are open book and notes.
Personal practice: During your training program you will be required to log your personal practice time. You will receive unlimited free yoga at The Hutto Yoga Room during training and encouraged to develop a personal self- guided practice.
What style of yoga is the focus during this program? This 200-hour program has a vinyasa foundation to it, utilizing vinyasa flow as the root of sequencing. However, over the course of the training you will also learn and understand many styles of yoga. Including restorative, chair, family and aerial.
There is also deep study about trauma-informed teaching, cultivating a deeper understanding to the body’s connection and response to trauma, anxiety and depression and the path to healing.
Will this program help my personal practice and allow me to teach yoga? Yes! This program is specifically designed so that you can study and apply the information for your own personal development and be able to find your authentic teaching voice that serves your passion for teaching and your students.
What are the requirements to graduate? Attendance during the immersion weekends, completion of assignments and a final exam is required to graduate from our 200-hour Teacher Training Program.
What happens if I need to miss a weekend? Although attendance is an important part of the learning process, we understand that life happens. Our attendance policy takes that into account with opportunities to make up to 8 hours if needed.
Keep in mind, that even though the semester carries over the holidays, we do not meet as a group from Mid-November through the New Year so that the busiest travel, family and life demand time is not a hindering factor in your experience.
Is this one of those big yoga teacher trainer programs with a bunch of people? No! In keeping with our studio outlook, we believe in small groups that allow for individual attention while learning from others. While some Austin studios have no problem pumping out 30 plus teachers in a semester, The HYR caps our teacher training groups at 9.
What happens after our last weekend? Leading up to our final weekend we will do a review of all assignments. If you have completed them, then you will be able to receive your final exam to start between our final 2 weekends. The final test is self-paced and is not required by the final weekend. 
After our immersion weekends are complete, you will receive 5 additional one-on-one mentor sessions to help keep you on track to your training goals.
It is suggested that the test be completed within the first 30 days after our last weekend.

What if I am doing this for personal study and do not want to teach? Do I have to take the test? No you do not. You will not receive a certificate to teach if the assignments and test are not complete. If this is purely for self-development, then the test is not required unless you want to.


Program details:

  • 6 month program meeting two weekends a month. No immersion between Thanksgiving and New years.

  • Unlimited group yoga classes at The Hutto Yoga Room during training.

  • Several areas of study. Studying the connection between yoga and human anatomy, posture alignment, yoga postures, philosophy, trauma informed, breath, music/ sound/ vibration and self Inquiry.

  • Yoga for all - a focus towards making modern yoga accessible to all. Utilizing props, hands on assist and pose modifications. 

  • Study common injuries, mobility restrictions, special populations, athletes, seniors and more.

  • Trauma Informed Training - Cultivating a deeper understanding to the body’s connection and response to trauma, anxiety and depression and the path to healing.

  • Introduction to additional yoga styles including pre-natal, Aerial, Yoga Nidra, kid/family yoga workshop planning, themed classes and more.

  • 150 + contact hours to immerse in the fundamentals, learn and study specific topics.

  • Homework assignments geared towards overall comprehension of topics and personal yoga teacher training goals.

  • Small group training that creates community, support and opportunity to dig deep!

  • 5 additional mentor sessions to get the guidance advice and support you need to reach your yoga goals.

  • Practice teaching under guidance while in program.

  • Weekly check in to stay engaged. 

  • Utilize our Wellness Library for study or order your own set of books.

  • Graduate with a deep confidence in your personal practice and as a yoga professional. 

The Hutto Yoga Room teacher training exposes students to  many philosophies and styles within the larger scope of yoga. It encourages each participants to really find their authentic self within their personal practice and sharing it with others.  Many teacher training’s are a black and white and look at one specific yoga style.  Although our training will have a Vinyasa (connecting breath and movement) focus throughout, it is diversified to truly equip a new yoga teacher to teach confidently to a wide population of yoga students. It also allows guidance and focus to really study and learn specific areas of interest. If teaching is a goal, The Hutto Yoga Room allows teacher training participants to begin teaching while in training under the guidance of experienced teachers. This true ability to immerse yourself in your yoga goals creates the optimal way to find your unique and authentic yoga voice. 

  • Personal Investment - This teacher training is a self paced, open book training.
    $2600 Pay in full. Enjoy unlimited yoga from time of purchase through March 2020.
    $2800 - $500 Deposit now, Paid in full by August 1, 2019. Unlimited yoga begins August or when paid in full. 
    $3000 - Payment plans available to those who qualify with $500 deposit, monthly payments and full tuition completed before receiving certificate.  

    Additional books will be needed for study. The Hutto Yoga Room Wellness Library will be open throughout the training to borrow the books needed for training or you may purchase your own copy through your retailer of choice.  

    • Dates are tentative and subject to change. Please email the studio if interested but have date conflicts. Thank you

    • Due to credit card fees, our preferred method of payment to receive is check, cash or bank check. Thank you.

      Our next session will kick off September 27th 2019. This session will be Friday night from 6 pm - 10 pm and Saturday 10 am - 8 pm. There will be 2 Sunday sessions during the training. Sunday hours are 1 pm to 5 pm. Dates below are tentative and subject to change.

    • Sept 27, 28

    • October 11, 12, 25, 26

    • November 15, 16, 17

    • No sessions in December

    • January 3, 4, 24, 25

    • February 7, 8, 9, 28, 29

    • Possible make up day if needed March 13th.

What are former participents saying about our teacher training program_.png

"If you are considering a teacher training program, either to learn to teach yoga or to better understand your own practice, there is unique opportunity at the Hutto Yoga Room. Carla Stewart, Owner and Guru, makes yoga education interesting - it is so much more than learning poses.

I have been working on my practice with Carla for about three years and living the results of her leadership, I realized the power yoga holds to HEAL - not only physically, but also emotionally. It is a discipline of grace and relaxation and teaches how to find a quiet mind. I wanted to learn the skills to teach others!

Teacher training with Carla was an experience that far exceeded learning how to teach yoga. The classes are intense but the days pass quickly because the information is compelling. Carla has institutional experience, countless hours of education in more areas of this discipline than you would imagine, and the remarkable ability to share information in a way that makes it easy to absorb. She makes you want to learn more. I encourage you not to miss the chance."


"Carla is a great teacher trainer! My understanding of Yoga was greatly developed over the months we were meeting. Not only did I learn the physical movements of Yoga but also the philosophy which greatly benefit my life and way of thinking. The coolest part of the class through was growing in a space of comfort and peace, a space where I could express ideas freely without fear of judgement. Thanks for being the coolest teacher in my life Carla!"
- Lee