Yoga Basics Workshop Options 

Headed into the Fall we have 2 options for one of our most popular series.

5 week Yoga Basic Series- Next series begins May 29th at 6:45 pm.
We have modified our original 4 week series to 5 weeks PLUS unlimited yoga for next 2 weeks after completing the series. Lay the foundation for YOUR yoga practice with this great series.

Yoga Teacher Training: A 200 Hour course -

Next session starts this fall. Are you interested to study more yoga for your own growth or become a teacher? The HYR has a course for you!

The Hutto Yoga Room is currently in session. 2019 Teacher Training is open. The Hutto Yoga Room teacher training is a diversified approach to empowering personal growth alongside an immersion of yoga fundamentals with diversified perspectives and expert instruction.  Laying a foundation of yoga excellence. Graduate with confidence, vast knowledge and the ability to instruct yoga to others.
This training cultivates empowerment in two ways:

  • Personal growth, acceptance and self-awareness.

  • Uncover and honor your unique and authentic teacher voice.

For more info, head on over to our TT page -

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5 Week Workshop Series 

Yoga Basics Workshop Series- What it’s all about!

Interested in an in depth yoga class? If so, join us at The Hutto Yoga Room for a five week yoga basics series! This series will lay the foundation to the main components of a yoga class. Throughout the series we will have specific topics every week and build on what we learned the week before. We will cover an introduction to yoga, yoga styles and brief history. You will learn about various breath work and awareness in connection to the mind, body, nervous system and why we need to enhance our breath awareness. Plus break down the poses of typical yoga sequencing like warrior poses, sun salutations and balancing poses to learn proper alignment and modifications that are specific to YOU and your body!! Each week we build on what we learned the week before. These are open forum classes that allow you to ask questions and get guidance for what you need from your practice. The benefits of yoga are endless. Why one person starts is not why the next person is there. What you need one day (relaxation/de-stress) the next time you might want more strength. This series provides the opportunity to learn yoga for your body and yoga wants. When the first 5 workshop classes are done, you continue beyond the series to include an additional 2 weeks of unlimited group yoga classes to implement what you have already learned.

Sign up early and enjoy this workshop series plus 2 weeks unlimited yoga for only $89.
Week 1 – Intro to yoga and learning to empower YOUR practice.
Week 2 – Breath, movement and relaxation.
Week 3 – Toe-ga- addressing foot discomfort, lifestyle/Occupational alignment and balancing postures.
Week 4 – Sun Salutations and learning the Yoga Flow
Week 5 – Traditional yoga class with Q&A after.
Week 6 and 7 – Unlimited Group Yoga Classes!! Enjoy as many classes as you would like for the next 2 weeks! Try out different teachers, classes and times to find what fits YOUR practice and life.